Composite Tank

The big buildings (from ten of cubic metre to hundred of cubic metre) need a combine solution to give a maximum commercial efficiency such as: hygiene, long-lasting, light, artistic,. . . , reasonable price. With the capability of calculation and designing, along with experiences from accumulation intrinsically and exterior of country,  COMPOTECH has may optimal solutions such as: fiberglass muffles cement tank and steel tank, especially,completing a fiberglass fitting  cube, steel panel tank.

Note: We design, produce and install on application and process specification. 



Why do you choose a Composite tank?

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Strong in all of complicated environment.

Very Cleans, all developed countries accept tank, table, tray, . . . which are made from inox or Composite, in Pharmaceutical, food stuff, cosmetic.

Really Artistic, colorful, multiform figure.

So Light That its gravity is not considerable with water’s gravity.

High Commercial Efficiency. It has a highly value in use with acceptable costs.

How would we compare composite tank with another tank?

Cement tank. Although It’s cheap, it has many problems: Such as absorbing water, being heavy (its gravity level with water gravity) and especially being very unsanitary.  Attempt once to observe cement tank: mosses, cockroach… do not think about it when you take meal.

Steel tank. It’s price level with cement tank but has also another problems: it is really hot in noon; specially permanence be maintained and very unsanitary (like cement tank)

Plastic tank.  It’s cheap. However it ‘s unable to be make something be large. It also quickly senescence. It becomes just a provisional project  

Inox tank. It’s very good, but be careful that normal inox can be rusted because it is not enough Nickel and Chromium content. Beside, Water is too hot in summer noon. Specially, the more it gets bigger the more it cost, compare to composite tank.

Why do you choose COMPOTECH?

It is the top Company about quality of products, method of service in HCM City and all of country in composite field. Compotech has a strong force in mobilizing a large and powerful grey matter into produce. With a big tank, workmanship and knowledge of a angle is not enough , it’s need to have a integrated knowledge about many of technological science. Let hear  the owner of SMARTANK comments. We just take a adduction that there are may peoples mistaken that composite stuff is Compotech stuff. Many big foreign companies, joint-ventures choose COMPOTECH is their product vendor.