About Us

Have you heard or read about Composite material products ?

This is the key in four science and technology revolutions nowadays. If you haven’t used any Composite product, try it. We ensure that you have already contacted because it is used everywhere in  your life. But perhaps you did not notice about it. Therefore, we would like to introduce you about a reliable address: Compotech Saigon Inc, the top company at quality of this product and service  of the country in composite field. Established since 1990 by Mr. Doan Cong – Doctor of Composite from INSA – Lyon University – French Republic, COMPOTECH is one of the first Production Company in Vietnam in this field. Our company centralizes many technological science personnel whose have ever been worked many years oversea with dynamical work behavior and profession. And our company operates consist of:

  • Plan Produced: 3 factories.
  • The Staff: 100 employees
  • Equipment: gelcoator, saturators, drying chamber, spray booth, filament winding machine.
  • Mode of production: Hand lay-up
  • Research and Application:   there is R&D room, 3D Studio closely connects with other Research Center.

Many big foreign companies,  joint-ventures choose COMPOTECH as their product vendor.           

  • Molymer- National (Japan): Hygiene Equipment, the general bathing room
  • Tokyo R&D (Japan), TTI- Singapore Technologies Automotive: 3D design and manufacture detail of car.
  • Unilever (Holland), Sika (Swiss), MBT (American): Tank
  • Vingal (Australia), Chaien (Taiwan) Da Lat, process of Vegetable (Japan), Axit basin Overlaid, Waste tank, vegetable Pickles tank
  • Ha Noi Parliament House: Make impermeable flat roof
  • Lamberet (French): Assemble thawing tank
  • Sport Models (Bell Europe): Helmet for Moto
  • Protect Us: helmet for motorcycle
  • Hacinco (Vietnam): garbage pipe
  • Neo Industry (Korea): Receiving trunk

Main products of Compotech :

  • Water and chemical tank for family and industry productio
  • Car spair park from bar de chock to cabin and car body/
  • The high quality hygencial equipment: Bathtub, lavabo, bath room
  • Antileakage, floor, cover steel or cement tank to containing acid, alkali. Garbage pipi for high building
  • Decoration, souvenir, Statue, Cooling room, cooling store, water conduit, cooling barrel for the truck.
  • Helmet for motorcycle.
  • Water pipe, Solvent for Industry